A large part of Butter Mag is me sitting by myself in a room typing away and a computer. Sometimes I change scenery to outside, or swap the computer for a notepad, but the thing that remains constant is the solitude. Usually it suits me. I get pretty anxious before most social gatherings, even with people I know well. Typically I arrive at events 15 mins early so I have enough time to hype myself up in the car. While I like meeting new people, the mental and emotional drain of socializing leaves me opting to stay in on most nights. I’ve just accepted that who I am as a person. Or I had, until last Thursday.

Last week I had the pleasure of tabling at a BIPOC ski film event which featured the world premiere of NARP Ski, a fantastic project that will be available to watch online March 7th. Although it was great to watch some killer ski films, my favorite part of the night ended up being the chance to connect with folks in the community. I loved hearing people’s stories and general stoke for snow sports. Also thank you to anyone who participated in my ski bus ramp game, I was very excited about it.

Community is a part of Butter Mag that I knew I was missing while living in Japan, I just didn’t realize how much I was missing it. At the NARP Ski event, someone (your name escapes me now I apologize) came up to my table already knowing about Butter Mag. They just wanted to say hi. I was speechless. Well, not exactly speechless but the words going through my brain were not PG.

Putting faces to the people who I’m making Butter Mag for was a shot of inspiration I didn’t know I needed. And while talking to strangers may never be my strongest suit, I’m now determined to get out there and meet more of you lovely people. So if you see me wandering around PDX, say hi! And don’t worry, the deer-caught-in-headlights expression is not permanent.

Thank you to Mom for helping me figure out how taxes work.

Thank you to Emma for being the best editor and even bestest friend.

Thank you to EVO Portland for letting me break into your store and take photos!

And thank you to you, the reader. You’re the reason I keep this crazy train rolling.

As always, take care and have fun out there.

<3 Alex.


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