We asked this season’s athletes to share a piece of equipment they can’t live without. Here’s their answers!

“Definitely. My RYIDAR goggles, a million percent! They’re actually a goggle and sunglass company, and they have Bluetooth in them.” “In the past before I had these goggles, I snowboarded in Japan and kept getting snow in my lenses. My old goggles would fog up and were a pain to change the lenses. I also lost two pairs of earbuds in the snow trying to listen to music on that trip. But with these RYIDAR goggles I can listen to music in one or both ears, answer the phone, and they have an easy to change magnetic lenses. They are dedicated to both audio and sports, and focused on creating the best optical glasses and goggles in the industry. Also RYIDAR is looking to build a great community and encourage youth and women to participate in outdoor activities. Check out their website for my athlete profile.”

“It’s not equipment, but I can’t travel without it. It’s my teddy bear. I’ve never been to an event without it. It’s Stitch. Out of Lilo and Stitch. And I’ve had it since my ever first triathlon race. And honestly, anyone that knows me that’s ever traveled with me, they’re like, is that thing still alive? And I’m like, yeah, can’t travel about. It’s hurry. I don’t know what I would do if I forgot.”

“I would say glitter, probably. That’s what we’re going to say. Yeah. I’m a big believer that glitter makes you just feel better, at least for me. Colorpop has this Sailor Moon glitter with little stars and moons in it, and that is my go to glitter. It makes me ski better. It makes me climb better. Glitter.”

“It’s easy to say my skates. I couldn’t skate without my skates, but I feel like that’s a little boring. I mean it. I don’t think I could live without an electric kettle to make my coffee. I need coffee.”


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