We asked this season’s athletes to share a piece of equipment they can’t live without. All linked items go to as affiliate links and help support future issues of Butter Mag!

“The piece of equipment I can’t live without is my 10’ Shakedown longboard by JAW surfboards. When I need to goof off and let loose.”

“The thing that I really genuinely love is my Ale-8-One chalk bag for when I sport climb. I got it out of the lost and found, but I love that chalk bag. It’s a little piece of home because Ale-8-one is a Kentucky soft drink, and it’s a part of Kentucky climbing culture, to have an Ale-8-One after a day of climbing.”

“As long as I’ve got my skateboard I’m good, that’s the main thing. But lately I’ve been focusing more on my personal health. So making sure I have water to go with me to the park, because I want to stay hydrated. Hydrate or die-drate.”

“ I have two. My snowboarding sponsor that I got last year, Torque Snowboards [sent me] my first snowboard last winter, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s my favorite snowboard now. I was initially kind of nervous and scared to get a new snowboard. For someone who can’t see very well, it was a big change. Sometimes can take a little bit to get used to the feeling of the snowboard. But then when I started riding it, I was like, I love this. I can feel the ground below me a lot easier now with the snowboard. And then I also have a lucky toque that I wear underneath my helmet all the time that I absolutely have to wear when I’m snowboarding, because if I don’t, it just feels really weird. ”


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