We asked this season’s athletes to share a piece of equipment they can’t live without. All linked items go to as affiliate links and help support future issues of Butter Mag!

“I really like Trango, they make this little zippered pouch that has a loop on top that fits with a carabiner and you can clip it onto your harness. I really like it because when I go multi pitch climbing sometimes I don’t even bring a whole backpack, jacket and all that stuff. I just want to bring a bar, a couple of little gummies, and a phone. And I don’t want to put it all in my pockets where it gets in the way and it gets all scratched. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one of these things. It’s the correct solution.”

“It’s tricky getting into a wetsuit with lower leg paralysis. Doable, but it takes a little longer. And having stretchy neoprene that is easier to get on and off has been, without a doubt, like, the warmth of it and the ease to get on and off is the reason I can surf. In cold water and have more fun and surf for longer. And that is a Rip Curl E7 wetsuit.”

“I don’t think I ever wear an outfit that doesn’t have some piece of Pit Viper gear. Whether it’s the glasses, a hat or a hoodie. I have a Pit Viper shirt on underneath right now. They’re my just go to all the time. And then my slippers. I wear them all the time at home. And I never used to wear slippers before. I don’t know what I was doing.”

“I usually am a two board guy. Whenever I show up to the skate park, I always bring two boards. And that’s because I can never make up my mind. I like to skate both cruiser boards, and I like to skate hard wheel trick boards. My Landyachtz skateboard is always with me when I travel. I travel for work a lot. I have a cruiser. It’s 29 inches, so it fits in the overhead compartment on a plane. Super easy to travel with. I put it on my backpack. That’s my jammy jam called the Tug Boat. So Landyachtz Tug Boat is always with me and then always have something Unity with me because I love Jeff’s artwork.”

“My backcountry skis are Black Crows Navis Freebirds with Marker Alpinist bindings. I love them. They ski great. They tour great. Shout out to Marker for making excellent minimalist touring bindings that are beefy as hell. My rock skis I’ve been banging on for a few years now, are some Black Crows Orb Patrols. Those are fun. They’re like 90 underfoot or something around there. And there’s light kickass skiing moguls. Just a really fun ski. Quite a bit of camber. Then my main resort skis these past three seasons have been a pair of Icelandic Nomads. They have this very tough guy stoic ski soldier on them. But I found this perfect sticker that’s a pair of goggles and they’re pink and it says Ski Like a Girl. And it’s the exact same size as the goggles on the graphics. So I put that sticker on and stepped it up a notch.”


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