We asked this season’s athletes to share a piece of equipment they can’t live without. All linked items go to as affiliate links and help support future issues of Butter Mag!

“I cannot live without my Nora Vasconcellos Krux trucks. I will transfer them to literally every single board. I’m super anal about the way that I tune it. I’m a huge equipment junkie. I started with the bone soft, and then I moved to the medium, but then I went to hard, and now when I get on other people’s boards, I’m like, oh, your bushings are too soft, what’s going on? I just need that to feel that hug.””

“I pick my IUD absolutely. For me, it’s game changer, because when I’m big walling I don’t have to manage my period. Changing a tampon or a menstrual cup on a big wall. It’s just messy. Carrying extra water is also very heavy. My God, the convenience [of an IUD]. I wish I had gotten it 10 years ago.”

“The Windlab Goretex Infinium Stretch Glove. It’s basically a liner, but I spent almost this entire season wearing just that for shooting. They never got wet. They were always in the snow. Easy to shove in my pocket if I’m shooting. They’re not bulky because they’re liners, but they’re warm and they don’t get wet. The dexterity that you have with them is amazing. And yeah, they’re just amazing. So I would recommend everybody get those.”

“I have a surf bin in my car and it has everything in it, right? Like screwdrivers, wax, sunscreen, towel, fins. It’s just like a mess. But one of the things that’s in my surf bucket is a surf poncho. And it’s from a brand that I really love called Sagebrush Bags. My friend Anna started this company to make sustainable surf equipment, and she’s just really incredible. She makes surfboard bags out of old fabric and coffee bags. So she reuses and recycles a lot. She made these ponchos, and I got one in bright red and it’s like the softest, coziest thing. I especially need it here because I change on the side of the road because I can’t get out of my wetsuit without exposing myself. I don’t know how to do it.”


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