Airtime Streaming is a newly launched streaming service with the mission of directing dollars back to the creators and athletes that bring to life the world of snowsports media. As they sum up in their mission statement:

Skiing and Snowboarding as industries thrive off of the immense amount of largely unpaid beautiful content created, and Airtime wants to change that by creating a dedicated platform for these films that subsequently directs dollars back to the athletes and creators who deserve greater opportunities for compensation.

In celebration of the service’s recent launch, Founder Elizabeth Cameron shared some of her favorite films on available for you to watch now!

No Bounds to Ride poster

I love this short about a road trip from UT to Revelstoke because of the unique storytelling and visuals – it’s not just a ski montage, it’s Meg Matheson’s birthday, it’s Molly Armanino competing in Kings & Queens of Corbets, it’s a Leah Woods concert. Not to mention they all also rip. It’s also special to us at Airtime Streaming because we caught up over the summer with producer Sloane Gordon and got an exclusive interview with her–Coming soon!

Lena Stoffel is an Austrian skier and filmmaker who has 3 films on Airtime Streaming. Each one was filmed in a different country: Circle of the Sun in Norway, Simplicity in Austria, and Winterfox in Japan. Lena’s work is great because of the beautiful soundtracks made by her friends, and the way we get to travel (and surf!) through her lens.

Circle of the Sun poster

Renaissance Woman movie poster

Renaissance Woman is written, directed, edited and starring the wonderful AJ Cutler. AJ brings such a great positive energy to everything she creates, so we were thrilled to get to release her ski film exclusively on Airtime Streaming this October. 1000% recommend and follow her for more. If you’re in Salt Lake, definitely hit her up for the best crepes in town.

Sierra Schlag’s film gets more moving every time I watch it. For me, it really hits home the idea that in art, if you create something very personal it becomes so true to the human experience that it resonates with many.

Bloom movie poster

Nelly Steinhoff

I had wanted to interview Nelly Steinhoff for my documentary, Room and Board, on the housing shortage in Tahoe through the lens of the ski and snowboard industry, though Nelly was always on the road some awesome place or other – So when Steve Seime, who’s a creative director at Airtime Streaming, said he was working on a short about Nelly, I was thrilled! She’s the best – check this film out.

This interview was filmed by Finn Peterson and Alex Van Raalte with Erika at her home in Hood River last summer. They obviously had a blast chatting and joking together–But aren’t afraid to get a little serious as Erika reflects on her 6 years on the Freeride World Tour and gender dynamics on the tour. Watch for Erika’s v cold take on mac and cheese.

Erika Vikander


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