We asked this season’s athletes to share a piece of equipment they can’t live without. Here’s their answers!

“Cymatics wheels, they make the Dread Roller Shroom Shredder Wheel for quad skates. They sponsored Montre for quad skating and made a very quad-specific wheel that is the right size, the right hardness, and the right shape for park and street skating and for doing weird manuals and all the things that I like. I’m a huge fan of the company and the way that they’ve supported the skaters that ride for them. The way that they’ve embraced squad-skating and rollerblading together, I think is unique. The wheels are just so damn good. My driveway is super bumpy, the park is super smooth, the wheels work in both scenarios. They last long. It’s just an incredible wheel, and I feel like it has expanded my trick vocabulary, has made me more comfortable locking into tricks, and has made me more confident that all of those little spots I see on my skate map are actually things I could roll on without questioning whether my wheel will hold up or get me to the ledge to grind it or will lock up on the ledge and wheel bite. I don’t think you’ll see me riding a set up without their wheels on it for a while.”

“for comfort, I like having dry mangoes. Oh, yeah. Or a very quick Like easy sweet snack. I just burnt 2,000 calories. Let me have a KitKat bar and some gummy bears. But usually dried mangoes are the go-to. For practicality, I’ve been finding that I need my split board crampons very often. They’re not the crampons you attach on your boot, but you can attach them to your split board. They also make them for shoes, too. So if you find yourself on icy terrain, it gives you more traction. That has saved me a good amount of times this season. ”

“First one is a good climbing friend. I never climb alone. Having someone with me that can share the joys and excitement throughout a climb is essential for me for all of my sessions. [Otherwise], the bathrooms are a little scary for me. I don’t necessarily like going into public restrooms. So one thing I’ve been doing, because my feet get super smelly after a session, I’ve been taking baby wipes with me so that way I can clean off my feet and I won’t have sweaty socks on the way home. That’s been a game changer for me.”

“Surfboard. Literally can’t surf without it.”

“My sunhat and rash guard.”


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