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Char Surio climbing up mountain.

What is your favorite chairlift stack?

At the resort I used to wear the fanny pack all the time, but I always had mozzarella cheese sticks in it. My friends would laugh at me until we’re in the lift line or on the chair lift, and pulling out a cheese stick. I was like, you want one? They’re like, Yeah, actually, I do want one.

What is your current dream destination to travel to for outdoor activities?

Alaska. I went to Alaska for a week in undergrad. I was there mostly for work, but we did get to go on a hike out to a glacier. Other than a few camping experiences, I didn’t do any glacier travel, no mountaineering. But going back to Alaska with the lifestyle I live now would be insane.

Have you ever tried or would you ever try skiing? How do you feel about it compared to snowboarding?

I started resort skiing. I like the process of being an amateur at something and then progressing and putting a lot of work into things. It’s fun to learn the different movements and board and ski, or body and ski relationship compared to body and board relationship. But every time I was on my skis, I was literally comparing it to the feeling of my edges on my snowboard. I’m like, oh, okay, that feels and sounds like how my snowboard does when it’s stopping. And although it has been a different challenge in learning specific maneuvers, carving on my skis was a lot harder than learning how to carve on my snowboard.

Sunna Shinn chilling on top of a boulder.

What’s your favorite post climb snack?

There is a taco a place called Nenes Tacos. Their multia tacos are ridiculously good. So I will stop there, usually after a session.

How do I make my back look like yours?

A lot of hard work, determination, and about 97 % genetics. And I’ll say this is like, Mostly just genetics, as with most people that work out. They’re just body types. Body types are very genetic-based. But for me, just climbing is all I do.

Do you have any dream climbing destinations you’d like to go to?

I’m half Vietnamese, so being able to go to Vietnam and I’d explore what the climbing scene looks like there would be a lot of fun. I don’t know any specific tracks there, but I could reconnect with part of my heritage in a very fun way.

Nix Fisch grinding on a rail with quads.

What is your favorite spot to skate?

I’m going to pick a street spot. It’s going to be in Atlanta. It’s this red rail in front of an auto paint shop that is out of business. A foot and a half tall, 20 plus feet, 50 feet, who knows? It’s infinitely long. It’s like a street. You’re literally on the side of a road where cars are passing by and you have to build up the nerve to do it in front of passing traffic. But it’s like when you lock on this rail and you slide, It sounds like what you want skating to sound like. It feels like what you want skating to feel like. It’s amazing. And I can’t wait to film for my next part to get various different tricks.

What is your go-to snack for the skate park?

The Cliff Builder Peanut Butter because it’s vegan and it has the most protein. If I eat one and then go skate for four hours, and that’s the only thing I’ve eaten that day, I’m usually fine.

what was your first trick that you landed that you were super extra proud of?

Doing a back torque on quads. I had never seen anyone do it before. Turns out there’s a couple other people that could do it. But when the list is only a couple, it feels pretty good.

Richard Overgaard and Steven Redant hanging out in a selfie.

What is your favorite post-surf snack?

Rich: Chocolate banana smoothie.

Steven: It used to be a beer, but I don’t drink anymore. A mango passion fruit smoothie.

Do you currently or have you ever had a favorite surfboard?

Rich: Rich There’s one down in the Cab. It says Big Red on it, and it’s nine feet, and it’s red, and it’s white. I even have a hat that says I’m still Big Red from Bring It On. So the fact that there’s a board down in Panama called Big Red, I get down there and I’m like, That is mine.

Steven: I have my board now. It’s called Ramona and she is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever surfed. She’s getting a little old now, so I just ordered a new one, but Ramona is the one. That’s my favorite board. It’s the 96 Noserider.

What are your guys’s top bucket list surf destinations?

Rich:I want to go, not necessarily to surf, I want to go to Portugal and watch those people take on Nazare. hat is religious. I want to go and observe that and experience what the help… Because I just I just can’t even… You see the online videos and I’m just like, I want to see that in real life. I would never, ever, ever, ever go out in big ways like that, but I want to see it for sure. There’s a wave in Peru. It’s the longest left in the world.

Steven:Noosa is very big up there in Australia. I’m Sumbawa, which is the island after Lombok. You got Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, where I’m going there in June. I want to go surfing in Mozambique, which is the most underrated destination in the world. The Philippines, Thailand. Every time I go to one destination, there’s like 10 more after it. It’s just never going to stop. But there’s a couple out there that are really high up. But if I have to say my absolute favorite is home. My home break. I love coming home, hang out with my friends. It’s the busiest break in the world, and I still don’t care.


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